a world of difference

a world of difference

Friday, 24 October 2008

Feeling naughty... ;)

Wednesday, 26 September 2007

Cloud Junior finally arrives !

19 september 2007

10.25 am - Baby is born !. Phew, what a relief : dead tired ! :-)

11.15am - Baby weights in at 3.28kg, did his 1st piece of art ( his footprints), cried for a few seconds when receiving his Vit K n Hepatitis shots and is heated up for his 1st bath. Otherwise, he's awake, alert and looking all around with interest.

:-) Good boy not crying. :-)

1.16 pm - Baby has 1st bath by a sexy Indian nurse! Only 2 hours+ old and gets a handjob ( for whole body ) ! ;-)

3.45 pm - Baby has 1st breastfeed ! Need I say more ? :p

4.45 pm - Baby finally has had enough breast milk and is zzz-ing now. Mommy also resting. Daddy needs a bath and ZZZ!

9.45 pm - Daddy has Maggie Mee curry for dinner, bathes n ZZZ. Mommy and Baby also ZZZ.

and the labour of loves continues......

19 september 2007

2.40 am - Pain get worse. Mommy asks for injection of painkillers. :-o

3.13 am - 2 syringes of drugs injected into Mommy's right buttock, dulling her fire. She sleeps.

4.50 am - Pain intensifies, Mommy needs gas ! :-o

6.15 am - Mommy cracks and asks for epidural. Nurse asks her to sign a consent form and gets ready for the anesthetist who arrives at 6.38 am and sticks the needle in her spine.

9.30 am - After examination, doctor finds little progress after so long, and suggest emergency C-section...! :-o :-o :-o

9.35 am - Preparing for Operation Theatre now. Going in soon!

10.10 am - Daddy changed into green surgery attire, waiting to go in OT. :-o Prepares handycam! ;)


The Countdown 18 September 2007

9.30 pm - Appearance of show, indicating labour is imminent!

10 pm - Mommy admitted into Hospital.

12 am - Nurse insert 'S' tablet to soften cervix.

Mommy sleeps. Daddy watches Star Movies at waiting lounge all night...

6 am - Nurse insert another 'S' tablet. Mild contractions detected.

8 am - Breakfast for Mommy: cereal, orange juice and orange slices (Daddy doesn't get anything).

9.45 am - Continuous contractions. Mommy moved to delivery suite.

11.50 am - Baby still refuse to come out. Mommy eats lunch of fish, apple, mash potatoes and cauliflower.

1.55 pm - Baby staying put, so doctor decides to pop the water bag. Contractions immediately stronger.

3.40 pm - Baby learns 'no shadow leg' kungfu! Mommy can feel him practice! but the Matrix prepares Oxytoxin Drip Sentinels to attack! :-o

4.25pm - Nurse gives Mommy oxygen and adjusts the angle of the bed because baby 'not happy' :-o

5 pm - All signs normal. Mommy taken off oxygen.

5.50 pm - Oxytocin Drip started.

6.05 pm - C7 eats Mommy's dinner of spaghetti, vege soup and apple!. Poor Mommy only eats 1 digestive biscuit and 1 sip of water! :-o

8.50 pm - contractions stronger and more frequent now but Mommy doesn't feel the pain...
yet ( more bored than anything ). Meanwhile, C7 has ZZZZ for the last 3 hours! ;-)

11.30 pm - Doctor examined Mommy, says " Going to be long labour ". Will know in next 8 hours if can deliver 'normally' or not. Made some adjustment to the drip. Zzzz now.